Kankuranga community tours

Working in partnership with Euphorbia Safari lodge, let Twine and Jon of Kankuranga tours take you, on one of their fascinating  excursions by foot.

let them take you on a guided nature tour, a salt lake tour,a bird watching walk or a community walk through the local fishing village.
Twine & Jon
On gaining his diploma in Wildlife tourism management ,Twine Moris has set up Kankuranga community tours with his friend Jon Nimusiima. 

Twine is an owner of his own family inherited plot of salt at the lake and is an expert on cultivating salt, himself.

Both Twine and Jon are active members of their community and  can give you an insight into how the local people really live.
AJ tours can make advance bookings for Kankuranga community tours or introduce you to Twine on your arrival in Kasenye, so that you decide what tours you want to take, during your stay at Euphorbia Safari Lodge.

Bunyampaka Salt tour

One of the 72 crater lakes in Queen Elizabeth National park.

Take a fascinating guided tour to see how salt has sustained 70% of the population since the 18th century .

The lake is also home to seasonal birds such as pelicans and flamingoes making it a great bird watching opportunity too.

It is located close to Euphorbia Safari lodge 
Community Tours
Kasenye community found on the shores of lake George with around 700 inhabitants speaking several languages including Bagabo & Bagonzo, is one of the most hospitable in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Take a tour through the fishing village and meet villagers going about their normal life.
Nature walks
Enjoy a relaxed walk on the shores of lake george and see Hippo and numerous birds
Bird watching
Binoculars and guide books will enable you to identify numerous bird species in close proximity and whilst on foot you can enjoy the natural surroundings
School visits
Local kindergarten and schools will invite you to visit, during break times and lunch time to interact with the children, without disturbing their lessons. You can take the opportunity to deliver pens and scolastic materials you have with you, for the teachers to distribute.