Community training
Euphorbia Safari Lodge is providing training and job opportunities for the local community
Supporting Kindergartens
Euphorbia safari lodge is neighbour to an NGO ( Non Governmental organisation / charity) supported nursery school and you can have the opportunity to share time with these wonderful children
Supporting student nurses
Supporting education
Let us take you to schools to see for yourself, how projects such as sponsorship of children, provision of classrooms and scolastic materials can give these wonderful children a bright future
Visit Uganda school of nursing in Bwindi and meet sponsored student nurses. AJ tours coordinates their sponsorships.   
Uganda School of Nursing website

Joy Howell UK

I cannot thank Pascal and Andrew and the whole AJ Tours team enough for the amazing support they have given me, with my various charity projects, working as an Honorary member of the Kabale Rotary Club in Uganda.

Whatever I ask, whether it is organising my twice yearly trips, delivering items such as books and clothes to the schools I work with or giving support to our children, nothing is ever too much trouble!

Kasese Project 2018

Mission Rabies 

In 2018 Pascal and the AJ Tours provided the logistics for the Mission Rabies project in Kasese close to Queen Elizabeth Park.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Working with AJ Tours

Joy's Blog

•Mission Rabies is a UK-based charity and international NGO which was founded in 2013 with one aim, eliminate rabies.

•Over 99% of human rabies cases are caused by an infected dog bite. Once symptoms of the disease develop, it is always fatal.

•Every year, millions of healthy dogs are inhumanely killed for fear of this deadly disease. However, this doesn't halt the spread of rabies, which causes the deaths of around 60,000 people a year – the majority of which are children under 15.
•Mission Rabies is going to change that.

•Science shows that the most effective long-term rabies control strategy is through vaccination of dogs in endemic areas.

•Following World Health Organisation guidelines, Mission Rabies run mass canine vaccination drives and educate local communities on rabies prevention .Their results speak for themselves with the number of human rabies deaths falling every year.

AJ Tours
provided logistical support to the teams from UK, USA and Italy 

Over 8 days the teams set up static point vaccination clinics along the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Forest Corridor.

Mission Rabies 2019
In July Mission Rabies expanded its work in Uganda by moving south to work with the communities surrounding Bwindi Impenetrable National Park- home to half of the worlds mountain gorilla population!
At each static point they carried out life-saving work- ensuring that as many dogs as possible were vaccinated against this devastating disease

Alice Porter
Mission Rabies Volunteer

"if anyone is considering a trip to Uganda ( and if you're not, why not???) I can thoroughly recommend AJ tours, owned by Pascal. They will look after you brilliantly"

AJ tours worked with Vets to put on a special programme for Alice, who wanted to work with the beautiful Ankoli cattle
Alice's blog 
Alice's Mission Rabies 
My visit to Uganda in July 2018 was a wonderful trip, in no small part thanks to AJ Tours and the team at Euphorbia Lodge. I visited Uganda with Mission Rabies for their dog vaccination project and stayed on for a trip arranged by AJ Tours, which included a visit to Lake Mburo National Park and a morning observing a local vet working with some beautiful cows.
The accommodation at Euphorbia Lodge is simple but comfortable and surrounded by wildlife-sitting on the loo watching the weaver birds outside was fantastic! Other birds observed within the grounds included water thick-knee and grey longbill along with an abundance of butterflies.
A short walk through the bush is Lake Bunyampaka, a salt lake, worked by the residents of Kasenyi Fishing Village-the closest settlement to Euphorbia Lodge. The lake has flocks of greater flamingo and great white pelican and is visited by a variety of large mammals, including elephant. During the walk we saw a variety of wildlife including warthog and waterbuck. Vehicle and walking safaris guarantee a range of wildlife sightings as you are nestled within Queen Elizabeth National Park.
I was so grateful that the AJ Tours team were able to arrange a custom itinerary, based around my budget and interests I had a wonderful time.