The A. J. Tours Team​​​​

Managing Director 
Pascal’s career started in the Virunga National Park of The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with the tourist hotels of hotel De la Rwindi. ​​

This is where he secured training in hotel Management and was sent to Tunisia for further work experience.

He then returned to work for a year in the hotel Des Grands Lacs in Goma DRC and later joined the Palme Beach hotel and Meridien hotels in Rwanda as Assistant Manager.  

He then left the hotel industry and went to work with The United Nations in Rwanda with a nutrition project .

He later went to Brussels, as he had been appointed by the European Community in Brussels as a Chef.  After completing his three-year contract, he decided to return to Africa and opened a Hotel Business and Restaurants, as well as taking a contract with The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Kampala, Uganda.​​​
In 2007 he decided to open A.J Tours and travel Company. Since 2007 he has built up the business and is now building a lodge in Queen Elizabeth NP.​

As he continued working with A J tours, he was very concerned about the community in Queen Elizabeth National park and he therefore started a Non- Government Organisation (NGO) called Association Keiser with a Head office in Geneva.
The Keiser Initiative helps communities in Queen Elizabeth NP Uganda and DRC to build schools, bring safe drinking water closer to the people, built dispensaries, and encourage hygiene within the communities around these areas.

Pascal is dedicated to this work and looks forward to fulfilling his dream of helping more communities in these villages.​​​​

Pascal Jobogo 

Born In the democratic republic of the Congo, fluent in English,French, Swahili and several African languages. Pascal is an expert Travel guide and driver as well as being an excellent Chef.

Operations Manager: Bitamazire Andrew

Andrew  supervises the field team and works on sales and bookings . He has been in this post for over 10 years now . He is fluent in English and several African languages.
" Andrew is very helpful and always works hard to develop a tailor made trip for you, which makes sure you get the most out of your trip"  Joy Howell (regular traveller to Uganda).  

Head Driver/Guide: Ndawula Adam
He is our head driver working in this post for 10 years, having worked as a driver guide since 2004. He also works as a guide in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Kenya, Southern Sudan and Burundi.   He has travelled extensively in East and central Africa. Adam is fluent in English, Swahili and several African languages. , " Adam is an excellent driver and you feel very confident when travelling with him. He is not only an excellent guide but also tremendous fun and always makes sure you have a fantastic trip" - Joy Howell (regular traveller to Uganda).  

Accounts Manager: Assimwe Stephen.

He is our accounts' manager and has other responsibilities in the office. He has been with us since 2015. He holds a diploma in accounts and has worked in this field for quite some time , with other organizations.
Neil Trickett
United Kingdom Contact:    +44 (0) 1772 673836

I have worked with Pascal and AJ Tours since 2008, I chose to support Pascal because of his work ethics and morals when it comes to supporting the local communities surounding the national parks. No other tour operator supports the local communties like AJ Tours does.

I am a Zoo Director and conservationist, since 1999 I have worked with conservation projects in Tanzania and Uganda supporting many species on the brink and assisting with others to help turn their fate around.

I am now based in the UK running a zoological collection called Wild Discovery which is in the north west near Blackpool. As well as the zoo I am heavily involved with 6 conservation projects around the world supporting snails from the French Polynesia islands, Bee's in Uganda, Scottish Wild Cats to Crocodiles in the Philippines.

You can arrange your visit to Uganda through me if you wish via email, telephone or in person, a Ugandan safari is like no other, it will change your life.